They bloody stayed over and now they want breakfast


Ugh, amirite?  

A perfectly legit breakfast that’s easy to make and sure to please is avocado on toast. Easy stuff. Two rules:

1. The avocado needs to be ripe (problematic)

2. The bread must be good quality stuff, not sliced shite…I mean white. 

Cost – 4 people for £3/4


3 to 4 avocados 

Enough bread for everyone

A lime or 2


Optional (recommended) and exciting extras:

Good vine tomatoes

Red onion


Chilli (fresh or flakes – NOT a powder)

 1. Mash the avocado (if you feel I have jumped ahead, see below!)

2. Squeeze the lime juice onto the avocado (a bit at a time, taste as you go, don’t overdo it)

3. Season with salt (if you are adding any extras, chop them finely and add now, or slice the tomatoes and serve ontop of the finished product)

4. Toast the bread. 

5. Mash/spread the avocado onto the toast. 
If I jumped ahead, presuming you know how to deal with avocados…

1. Is it ripe? You should feel that it is soft through the skin. It is something people often get wrong though, and the ones in the supermarkets sold as ‘ripe and ready to eat’ are still usually 2 days off best. 

2. There’s a stone in the middle, cut round the avocado long-ways and pull the two halves apart

3. If it’s perfectly ripe, you can probably pull the skin off by hand. If not, quarter the half and slice the back off with a knife. 

4. Get the stone out by  stabbing with a knife and twisting/lifting. 

5. Chop and mash!


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