TLT (Tofu, Lettuce, Tomato)

This really does rival the BLT when done properly.  People often ask if I miss bacon, and I don’t, in any way, even the smell has lost its power; however, as a concept, this sandwich is foundational in the history of sandwiches.  I would serve this up to the most ardent of meat eaters.

The tofu you use is very important here, it must be Taifun Smoked Tofu with Almonds and Sesame Seeds, available at Waitrose, and online, and maybe at some good health food shops.  You can freeze this tofu, and it also last a long time in the packet, so it is something you could keep in for surprise vegan lunch drop-ins.  One block will feed about 4 people.  I have done this with other tofus, and seasoned them myself with some soy, salt and maple syrup….I am due to experiment with a more ‘baconny’ marinade on some other types soon.  I will keep you updated.  Main thing – you need a very very very solid block of tofu.

Another essential part of this is vegan mayo.  I’d recommend vegenaise, but it can be difficult to get hold of, and ‘Mayola’ which is easily available at Holland & Barratt is pretty good (but not as good as vegenaise!).  If you really don’t have any, you other options include following a simple recipe for a cashew mayo, or using a ripe avocado spread on the inside of the bread.

Here goes!
Ingredients (feeds 4)

1 block Taifun Smoked Tofu with Almonds and Sesame Seeds (sliced to 4/5mm thickness
4 tomatoes
1 bag/head of lettuce (not iceberg, as it is shite)
Vegan mayo or alternatives (see above!)
Salt and pepper
4 bread rolls of your choice (I recommend white ciabatta rolls for this)
Oil to cook the tofu


1. Heat the oil in a frying pan, when hot, add the tofu slices, cook until really crisp on one side, then flip them and do the same on the other.

2. In the meantime, slice up your salad. Load up the rolls with mayo (generously!) on both sides, and salt and pepper.  Arrange the tomatoes and lettuce. Don’t be tight on filling!

3. Get the hot tofu into the prepared rolls.

4. Enjoy!

If you want to step up, you can add some tamari roasted seeds to it (I’d think sunflower and sesame).


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