A note from us…


We are Kat and Rebecca and we went from meat eaters to vegan about 2 years ago.

Kat is a passionate and inventive cook who has an incredible talent for ‘veganising’ most things. She says her method for doing this is to get to the essence of what makes a dish how people imagine it to be.

Rebecca is less of a creative and more of a sous chef but is pretty good at bread making and is about to start on vegan cheese creations! She can often be found requesting a ‘veganised’ version of something…the latest is a creme egg and she’s pretty excited about the possibility of that happening.

We have been vegan about 2 years now and probably googled most food items with the word vegan in front of them with varying degrees of success. We have noticed in the last two years there’s loads out there for raw vegans, new vegans, vegan pros but not really anything to help those people who have no interest in becoming vegan but do like to provide their vegan friends with something to eat.

We hate inconveniencing our friends and have many who have made incredible and successful attempts at feeding us but we’d like to make it easier for those who have found it difficult and simply don’t know what to look for and where in supermarkets.

We would also like to be able to increase the awareness and quality of vegan food in restaurants and eateries across the UK.We have the privilege of living in York which has a pretty good amount of vegan/vegetarian restaurants, dairy free ice creams and vegan cakes…but it’s still not great and we often have to dissect menus to create something that we can eat or ring a week ahead of time to book. There is no joy in having limited/no choice when going out for a meal, and someone saying “you can eat the soup!” with a jubilant look on their face never quite cuts it for us.  There is more to eat than a hummus wrap or a dry jacket potato with tinned baked beans and a scratchy salad which is often what we’re fed when a conference centre/hotel/catering company say they can accommodate us.

So for those who often say “shit, the herbivores are coming over – what the fuck do we feed them?!” this is for you.


Kat & Rebecca.